Risk Management

It is acknowledged that change is inherent in construction work and thus it is critical that principles of risk management are applied to effectively manage and mitigate the impacts of change and associated risks. Risk Management is an integral part of our approach to any project and seeks to address the need for certainty of outcomes, and we are well versed in early identification, analysis and management of project risks. It is worth clarifying that our reference to risk management is never simply restricted to risks, but also considers opportunities. Adopting the correct mind set and culture, integrating the team into the process and identifying responsibilities and accountability, ensures delivery of an optimum solution.

The basic principle of our approach to risk is, through joint experience, to identify potential risks and propose actions to where possible eliminate these risks before they occur or alternatively make provision for them should they occur, when this is possible and cost effective. This would be managed through a systematic approach and must be viewed as integral to the management of the whole project development cycle.